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Pope Benedict the Sixteenth said that the world offers comfort but you were made for greatness.

I like that. Comfortable people do not do great things. We need to strive in life in order to achieve greatness. The media distracts you from this by making you comfortable. People strive for the comfort that they offer and therefore spend all of the time thinking on worldly things. People strive for happiness. But you cannot be happy all of the time. It is just not possible. We weren’t meant to be happy all the time. If we were then we could not be brave, or courageous. We learn from the bad and the good because it leads us towards the greatness that God knows we can be.

You can’t be a great marathoner without training and hard work. The same goes for being a doctor, or musician. So why do we think that being a saint should not require effort on our part? God gave us greatness and we lay on the couch eating chips.

God made you great, not comfortable. Jesus gave His life to make you free, not happy. Jesus gave you the freedom to choose the world or Him. Time to choose!

Peace be with you.

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