God only loves the perfect?

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There seems to be a general, yet unspoken thought, that God doesn’t want anything to do with you until you’re perfect. Oh, saints are this or that but I’m just a miserable sinner. It seems that people think that if you are a Christian then you have to be perfect. I have heard people say that they don’t go to church any more because they just don’t live up to the standard.

It’s not a standard, people. It is an ideal. Being Christian is always, ALWAYS, a work in progress. There is no perfect Christian. There was only ONE perfect human being, and they crucified Him!

It’s not that God won’t listen to you if you are a sinner — that is why He came! He died for us, not because we are perfect but because we are flawed. He loves us within our flaws, in spite of our flaws. If we were perfect Christians then Jesus would not have needed to come here at all. We were not chosen because we are special but we are special because we are chosen.

Jesus did not save you because you deserved it. He saved you because He loves you. God only does what He does because He loves you.

Just something that I have been thinking about.

Peace be with you.

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