How big is your cup?

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Is it a thimble, or a barrel? Does it run over? You see I’ve come to find that God will love us only as much as we allow Him to. He does not push it upon us and asks nothing in return. If we only crack our hearts open to the size of a thimble then God will fill that thimble with His Love. If we open our hearts to the size of a barrel that too will be filled with His Love.

The question is, How big is your cup?” A droplet or an ocean. We all want the ocean but will we really put in the work to get one? Will we spend time praying, meditating, fasting and studying the Bible? Oh, wait! There’s work involved with getting this ocean of Love?

Yes, you have to build a relationship. You have to keep it alive. God’s done His part — is continually doing His part. We need to keep our part alive.

Peace be with you.

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