Selfishness is not Spirituality

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Be prepared for a rant. I met this guy, actually introduced to this guy, at a party. I condensed the following as the basics of the never-ending soliloquy of this guy’s “conversation.” And rewrote it so that you can get the gist. You’re Welcome.

Basically, the person introducing us said something like, “You are both so spiritual you should talk.”

Well, we exchanged pleasantries and then he asked me what spiritual tradition do I ascribe to. I said that I was Catholic, mostly I like the early middle ages style.

He sneered, “So you believe in burning witches.”

I laughed pretending he was making a joke and not just an idiot and said, “That was 1200 years later. And that was not exactly what was going on, you see-”

He stuck his nose up. “Well, your religious dogma doesn’t allow you to understand my complex spirituality.”

Now, I was irritated — so tired of hearing that cliché. “Really?” I replied. “Try using small words for us slow people in the audience.”

I don’t remember what happened at that point but someone brought up my doctorate.

He turned to me with disbelief. “You have a doctorate?”

I said, “Two actually.”

Then this guy tries to impress me with his spiritual views, using every clichéd meaningless buzz word and catch phrase since the 60s. But I did hear one through line, besides the ‘Christians are stupid and I hate them because they hate me’ mantra, which I have heard so many times I think I am numb to it. Haters gotta hate, I guess. The other through line was, ‘Myself’. That’s was what he kept saying. Myself.

What do you concentrate on when you meditate? Myself.

Yourself? You Christians just don’t understand.

So do you believe in God or a pantheon of gods and goddesses or something else? I believe there is an ascended nature to myself.

So who do you pray to? My higher self.

That’s not what I meant by prayer. What I mean is — I know what you mean. You just don’t understand. It’s a law of attraction thing.

Well, I understand the law of attraction, but that is not what I meant. Wh- I know what you mean by prayer and I am trying to pull things I want into my life.

I mean beyond yourself, for instance — You Christians just don’t understand.

Yeah, well I got to go. We should talk some more sometime.

No, we shouldn’t. There is no use talking when no one is listening. Don’t blame me because your dogma doesn’t allow you to understand my complex spirituality.

People, spirituality is not about the self. It is not some self-enlightenment hamster wheel. It is not some ego trip. In true spirituality the ego, the self, just dissolves away. Whether Christian, Buddist, or Nature based almost everyone agrees with this principle. The more you focus on you the farther you get from your goal. You are living this life for your soul to learn what God wants you to lean, to find your way back to the oneness with God that we as people had at the beginning. Don’t bog it down with me, me, me, mine, mine, mine. Or that is all you will ever have and you will have wasted your life.

Peace be with you.

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I’m a writer focusing on all things about God, Life and everything you wanted to know about the radiant Trinity. Everyone with an open heart is welcome.

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